• Ultimate Guide :How to configure Mozilla Firefox profiles One of the greatest feature of Mozilla Firefox is to use its user profile feature efficiently.

    Everyone in this world is individual with his/her own interests and secrets.

    So everyone needs his/her own configuration on his/her browser, but it ain't possible always as there are multiple users and you can't restrict everybody.

    Also you may be the lone user but you may need multiple configurations because of your multitude interests.

    Another reason to create a profile is to password protect your saved configurations from others.

    So here are some steps you guys can follow to create and customize your profile.

    • Go to start and then run and type following if you use Windows:


    • It will show your default profile.
    It will simply will take you to location here profiles are saved.

    • For creating new profile go to run and type :
    Firefox.exe -profilemanager

    • Then you will see a similar window like below containing options create profile , renaming profile and delete profile, since you never made one so it will contain only one profile by the name of default.

    • Now you create new profile or rename the existing one.
    • You can check the option to set your default profile or can keep the option of asking each time. Another option which you can utilize is that you can load your backup profile if you carry one.

    • If you don't have one you can simply make a newer by using a tool Mozbackup. It is advisable to backup your profile because it makes your setting portable wherever you go you can simply carry this backup with you either in any portable device or upload it to your safe hosting space on internet. You gotta save it because it contains all those important details like passwords, your browser configurations, websites personal settings and cookies.

    • Next time whenever you wanna restore your profile backup you open the Mozbackup and check the restore option and simply provide the path to backup file's location. Restart Firefox and simply see the magic.

    • Another thing u must take care of because of security reasons is to password protect your profile by creating a master password.

    • For that go to Tools-->Options-->Security and check master password button and a pop up will come asking you for password.

    • Enter password and next time whenever you or anybody will visit your critical pages suppose your adsense account you will be asked to enter the password.


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  • Are you tired of Twitter? Explore microblogging. If you are out of this fanatic world of tweeting where you breath twitter like your breath by updating your every single move in 140 words, then you can have try some more microblogging places.
    For all those still don't know what is microblogging, it is the regularly updating your brief status in text or very small media files(audios or videos).
    So here are few of my recommendations:


    With the tag line 'The easiest way to blogging' they have redefined the microblogging. They provide the hell lot of customizable options like themes, your themes, apps, mail, IMs and list continues. But if I say Tumblr = Twitter+Facebook then I might not be 100% wrong.


    Even these people are using the very famous 140 words limit of Twitter. With a lot of stats on your participation here, they have experimented on your taste. I mean they have tried to keep it away from Twitter but they are not going away from following followers.
    Have a try on Plurk.


    In look they are not very far away from Twitter. But the fact the Google people have bought them, gives them a second look. They have tried something different by embedding icons in messaging(remember the famous yahoo emoticons of yahoo messenger). Flexibility is much higher than Twitter. Try it once.


    It is one of the most portable web application. Sorry for the language but this is the new shit. Visit the link to believe it. Its high time for open source and so for the Identi.ca as it is based on the open source software StatusNet.
    You can update your status join your groups there.

    For Desi people out there you can have your own Desi corners for microblogging, try these:


  • Redirect your all mails to your Gmail account. It may be the silliest trick I am telling you guys if you know it, but if you don't you must know it. It is possible to redirect all your mails from Yahoo, AOL or any other POP3 mail service to your one desired Google account.

    It will be suitable to you if you have tonnes and tonnes of email accounts and you usually forget to check all of them or you don't have enough time to check all of them.

    It will save your bandwidth, it will save your time.
    So login to your Gmail account, go to settings.Now hit add other accounts.

    Now enter your five shortlisted accounts here.
    You get various option so importing contacts, labels etc.

    Check whatever you want submit. Now within two days you'll see you mail inbox with redirected mails.

    There is another tool available send mail form other IDs, even you can get reply on another ID. You must try these tools once.

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  • Folding@home A revolution in distributive computing. When you listen the word supercomputer the first that strike your mind is a banquet hall sized building full of thousands of most powerful CPUs and endless RAM continuously processing data. You must have read and seen the prodigies of supercomputers. For decades various organizations have spent a really big money for development of Supercomputers.
    But the people at Stanford University (Powerhouse of Computer Science) have make a really big impression by inducing such a productive project called Folding@home which is really processing faster than any other supercomputer that too without big investment.
    What they have done is that they utilized Distributive computing for solving the most difficult problems.
    Folding@home is a project designed to perform computationally intensive simulations of protein folding and other molecular dynamics. Since it is the problem which can be only solved by Supercomputer level machine. So what they did is they created world's most powerful distributive computing solution by extracting PC's unused processing.

    People from across the globe download and run software to contribute. The software is highly portable (even can utilize Play station 3. Whenever your machine is idle or when you are on break it start it collects data from project's server and process it using local machine's capabilities . The whole process is assisted by the software. The processing is then fed back to project's server. This project has given world one of its most powerful supercomputer.

    There are currently 4,00,000 machines contributing to entire project. It has won tonnes of awards from most prodigious organizations including Guinness.
    Various other projects have also been started on the same scheme. Some of the top listed are BONIC, SETI@Home, Einstein@Home and GIMPS.

  • Are you an 'Audiophile'? Enhance your Music quality !! Music for me is like my body organ. While listening to your favorite music some thing is generated inside our brain which gives relief to our muscles and rushes our body with adrenaline. It has been scientifically proved.
    'Audiophile' is a person who is fond of listening music of high fidelity and listens at high end instruments. They are the one who love music more than any thing else.
    We all listen to music either on our music players/phones or on PCs/Laptops. You can't do much about enhancing music quality on music players or phones but on PC/Laptops you certainly can.

    Today I am gonna get you acquainted with some cheap and significant options which will multiply your music experience.

    (1) DFX : FX is famous for its quality softwares. Have a try over FX Home a
    quality software for stunning visual effects including animations. DFX is the best option to enhance your music experience. It is available for all major media players. It has five options 3D SURROUND, DYNAMIC BOOST, HYPERBASS and FIDELITY to best choose the music for your personal experience.

    (2) Next thing that you can do is to choose your MP3s having bit rate of 320 KBPS. You'll definitely feel the difference as compared to de facto 128
    It generally have double/triple size than normal.

    (3) Next is that you can choose FLAC format songs .FLAC stands for Free
    Loss less Audio Codec. It is the new buzz right now. Various Bands have released their Album in this format in order to give full experience to their listeners. As the name suggest it is loss less that is uncompressed file having all necessary details which gives you even better music than Vinyl records.

    (4) There are plenty more options like SX Fidelity Amplifier.

    SX Fidelity Amplifier improves the listening experience because it uses sophisticated algorithms to repair and replace portions of a digital audio file lost during lossy compression.

    (5) AMPHIOTIK ENHANCER is a powerful 3D-Audio system, which processes audio and converts it into an enhanced 3D stereo output, increasing listening experience.

    (6) Ardour 2.7 on OSX and Linux running Waves, SSL and Apple plugins DSP plugin is DFX killer. I tell you it has definitely better experience than DFX. But it does not have support for other media players except Winamp.

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  • Now do your photoshop online!! We all do Photoshop with different intents. It is taught as course in some degree programs. You can think how important is photoshop for a person who is interested to opt designing as career. Photoshop is heavy and costly software and not all its users use it legitimate.

    What if photoshop comes portable or online that too fully legitimate. Its true. Its not photoshop but look at below pics and you all will agree that its none less than photoshop. The name of WEBSITE (Yes you read it right, its a website :D ) is SUMOPAINT.

    Just free register in it and you'll have your own corner in it with URL linking to your images submissions and profile.

    After successfully registering through you can upload your pic for work or create a new document there itself.

    After fininshing your job you can store your work both at sumopaint online as well as in your PC. So have a look at this. This is must place to visit.

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  • Now run your lyrics as subtitles in your favorite videos..... Ever since I am on internet I always wanted to see my favorite music videos with lyrics burnt into it. I tried to find out solutions or other possible sort outs. But there is no way I can burn lyrics in videos without burning into the DVD. But I want to tell somewhat easier n bit tedious way to watch your favorite music videos with lyrics embedded in videos.

    • First of all download the lyrics file from internet(just Google it, you'll find it there are zillions of subtitle websites). I like metal music so I tried to find out the Revolution begins by Arch Enemy(Really good metal band from Sweeden).

    • Now edit your text files according to following format Number HH:MM:SS,Microseconds Lyric line no.1
    {H:Hour M:Minute S:Seconds Microseconds (just put 000) }
    Just look in pic.

    • After finishing save it as it with .srt extension. For VLC n Gom Player
    just drag n drop this .srt file in video.

    For Media Player Classic save subtitle file with exactly same name as video file n it will automatically play lyrics if subtitle file is placed in same directory.
    This is it for now.

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  • Microsoft dinged with bing !! Change text size:
    Microsoft has dinged the Google owned search engine arena with its brand new BiNG. Believe its not like all those incapable attempts which were made to put Google down of its juggernaut's position. It looks sleek and stylish with a new Web 3.0 approach.

    1. Starting with search results BiNG has much better organization of search results of images than Google. BiNG has variety of categories under which they can be well indexed. These are: size(small, medium, large and wallpaper),layout(square, wide, tall), color( black & white),style(photograph, illustration) and people(just faces, head & shoulders) and other w.r.t. Google having only 3-4 of them that too hidden. So in terms of image searching BiNG is clear winner with its modern and animated touch.

    2. I tell you BiNG has a video search category too which was becoming very much the need for search engine users with advent of fast internet connections. Videos search results are well organized and its very easy to browse through it. They have also included url and length of video also with thumbnail. Again BiNG is absolute winner in this round.
    . News results don't have much contrast in both of them. Someone can't recognize any one with its search results. Google has little bit edge in terms of news results with its extended results. BiNG designers will have to work little bit more till its final release.
    . Again map results are not different and its really difficult to choose one of them as winner.

    No more comparisons are possible because that's it you can only log to Windows live account ans MSN from Bingpage ans some blogs. Whereas Google's success story stars here. Google provides Xillions of more streams to your search results because you know what it owns so much in Web industry that its really easy for them to extend their search results.
    It have books, scholar, documents, blogs, reader, translator, calender, sites and many more coming.
    In terms of search engine optimization SEO Google is crystal clear winner. Google Search Engine algos still have clear edge over Bing snippets.
    Search results are much more correct for Google than Bing.
    So it seems term used for searching something on the web will still be '
    Googling' for many more days.

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  • Flood your RS account!!! Yes, It is true!! From my personal experience I can tell you guys that it is easiest to remote upload on RS and flood your accounts with points.
    If you own a collective zone's account and can't spend dollars to buy one premium account, then I can surely help you to make one that too without having substantial upload speeds. I have made couple of accounts just through remote uploads.
    So here we go.
    First of all if you know IDM the best Internet Download Manager have know multiplied its grabbing capacity of videos across internet. Now it shows downloading option while you play any type of video over internet.
    Play the video which you want to remote upload and then grab the download code from download 't need to download the video , you just want to get the ftp server box and cancel the download, in this case you need the ftp location of download.
    Now go to your collector zone's account and go to remote upload and add the grabbed code.
    Now RS people will download it from ftp and give you code which you can distribute over internet from where they can download it.
    That is it!!
    Hope you like it!!
    Keep Rocking \m/ing
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  • Google your search in WEB 3.0 Style!!
    You know the modern era when Internet in flanked by various
    Web 2.0 multimedia features. But with the advent of Web 3.0 there is start of a new chapter in revolutionary world of internet.
    More than three fourth of Internet users use Google for their search. This is one mean machine for your entire day tasks. What if Google search engine is combined with Web 3.0 features and presented among you. It would be awesome and innovative.
    This is something is presented by modern search engines like Search-cube and Kartoo.
    Have a look at pics for proof.
    • Search-cube presents search results in pics or screen shots and present among you in 3D cube which can be accessed by using few simple keyboard keys.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

    All search results have been organized very finely using flash.
    • Where Kartoo is a search engine which presents its results on a map.

    • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Kartoo analyzes your request, questions the most relevant engines, selects the best sites and places them on a map.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Using Kartoo you can also refine your search.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    This is it from my side this time.
    I hope you would have liked it.
    Keep \m/ing
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  • Having difficulty in maintaining your PHP website???? I have solution.
    If you are a webmaster of a website or wanna make a website for you on PHP/Apache platform, you must be knowing that it is not one of the easiest of job. You are require to configure the server and other settings to made in database connectivity.
    But there is a tool available XAMPP which can ease your work up to exponential times. It configures all settings for you and configures PHP, Apache and MySQL for you. You can easily write and process your PHP scripts with XAMPP.
    So have a look:

    Keep \m/ing

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